Psychodillo Shows

     Date                                 Location                                        Venue                                            Time                                    Info, Links, Etc.  

October 29, 2015             Denver, Colorado                        Swallow Hill Music Cafe                    7:30 PM                             Swallow Hill Music

November 5, 2015          Windsor, Colorado                       High Hops Brewery                             5:00 PM             Brad Solo Songwriter Showcase with Host JoshVogeler! High Hops Brewery

November 7, 2015          Berthoud, Colorado                      City Star Brewing                                6:30 PM                            City Star Brewing

November 9, 2015          Denver, Colorado                         Sancho's Broken Arrow                      10:00 PM                           Psychodillectric at Quixotes

November 12, 2015        Boulder, Colorado                        The Lazy Dog                                     10:00 PM                           The Lazy Dog  Boozegrass to support

November 15, 2015         Lyons, Colorado                          Oskar Blues                                          6:00 PM                           Oskar Blues

November 27, 2015         Longmont, Colorado                   Oskar Blues Tasty Weasel                    4:30 PM                           Acoustic Duo @ Tasty Weasel Oskar Blues

December 3, 2015           Nederland, Colorado                   Very Nice Brewing                               6:00 PM                           Brad Martin Solo Very Nice Brewing

December 13, 2015         Nederland, Colorado                   Very Nice Brewing                               5:00 PM                           Brad Martin Solo Very Nice Brewing

December 18, 2015         Fort Collins, Colorado                 Aggie Theater                                      8:00 PM                           with Switchman Sleepin' and Wooleye  Aggie Theater

December 26, 2015         Houston, Texas                            Last Concert Cafe                                 9:00 PM                          Last Concert Cafe   Steve Straker & the Trouble Makers & David Fahl to support!

January 13, 2016             Denver, Colorado                         Park House                                          9:30 PM                 WhiskeyGrass Wednesdays Open Bluegrass Pick at 6:30PM, followed by Psychodillo at 9:30 Park House

February 5, 2016             Eagle, Colorado                           Bonfire Brewing                                    8:00 PM                          Bonfire Brewing

February 23, 2016           Boulder, Colorado                       Upslope Brewery - Flat Iron Park         6:00 PM                           Upslope Brewing Flat Iron Park

February 27, 2016           Boulder, Colorado                       Dark Horse Bar                                    10:00 PM                           Dark Horse Bar