Psychodillo Custom Songs

Commission a Custom Song.

You call the subject, setting, characters, etc…  heartfelt, good-times, silly, tragic, whatever…  It's your call. Happy Anniversary, I Love You Linda June, The Ballad of Aunt Matildas Pet Aardvark Sparky, The Day the Chupacabra Died, Congratulations Unicorns for Winning State/Region/District/etc… 

Once a topic has been established, Psychodillo will write & record your song.

Custom Songs make great gifts and can be a whole lot of fun!

What You Get:
    1)  A framed, autographed CD commemorating your song, plus another copy to play.
    2)  The joy of participating in the creative process.
    3)  Unlimited personal use of the song in your home, vehicle, personal MP3 player, etc…

To request a custom song or for current rates, send an emil with the title Custom Song Request to:

    1)  Promoting hate or prejudice based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, etc… is not allowed.  Psychodillo retains sole discretion of where to draw the line between funny offensive and just plain old                      offensive.
    2)  Psychodillo will not promote political ideologies that are inconsistent with their personal beliefs.
    3)  Psychodillo Publishing will retain all copyright, publishing, and licensing rights for the song. Commercial or promotional use of the song without written consent is expressly forbidden.
    4)  Recording quality will be that of a good home-studio. It will be clean & intelligible, but not necessarily of similar quality to a formal CD release, which would require additional cost of a commercial studio, a              recording engineer, & mastering.