Psychodillo Bio

Psychodillo is:

Andy Gaydos - Dobro, Pedal Steel, & Vocals,    John Heiland - Mandolin & Vocals,    Brad Martin - Guitar & Vocals,    Bradley Ryan Morse - Bass & Vocals

The guys were introduced by aliens at a secret bluegrass pick somewhere in the Front Range of Colorado. OK, they were abducted & locked in a room, but there were instruments & beer so they didn't seem to mind very much. We think this secret location sounds a lot like Nederland, but we don't want to upset the aliens so we'll pretend to keep the secret ;-) These days you are likely to find them in a road house, night club, festival, or brewery. 

Personal Bios:

Andy Gaydos - Andy was born under a good sign, went down a bad road, and found redemption at the hands of a sacred steel. He now lives in Happy Mountainville, Colorado with his lady and two young pups. These days, playing with Psychodillo is about the only thing that keeps him insane.

John Heiland - John Heiland was given every chance to be musical as a child, and having followed that bliss into an advanced age, has now ruined his life. Squandering several good employment opportunities, and living beyond the end of the road, music is now his only remaining connection to civil society. His loss is our gain; as David Bromberg once said of him "You have to suffer if you want to sing the blues." Consider yourself among the lucky should you catch a rare glimpse of this hermit whilst drinking in the sweet tears of his song, and you too will know why the caged bird sings.

Brad Martin - No one is exactly sure of his true origin, but legend has it that he was raised by a pack of jackalopes in the Texas Hill Country, surviving on wild herbs, berries, locusts, honey, mushrooms, & cactus. Needless to say some of those things led to some fairly strange dreams, & may have contributed to a rather extensive imagination. Brad is rumored to take many forms, including but not limited to armadillo, bison, eagle, wolf, and chupacabra. Most known sightings are in human form. Some say it's because long arms & opposable thumbs enable him to play guitar, while others say it's because the human form produces considerably more intelligible vocals. Have you ever heard a bison sing? I still have no idea what they are carrying on about. He made his first guitar by stringing juvenile grape vine across a rusty fence post attached to a tortoise shell. Brad is not wanted by any Law Enforcement Agencies (that we know of) & is somewhat of a smart ass. His known allergies are bullets and angry women; whatever you do, do not ever combine the two in his presence.

Bradley Ryan Morse - Bradley is rather private & doesn't really want to divulge very much of his private world. In fact, he thinks you're kind of weird for wanting to know.